Buh-Bye 2020

Just like many artists, the year 2020 was not filled with many on-stage experiences... but it's not to be thrown away as one without growth.

I'm hoping that 2021 will be a huge year for theatre! We are all ready to be back on stage, doing what we love. But until then I've been staying busy. 

This year I launched my YouTube Channel, accustomed myself to self-tapes, enhanced my social media platforms, and "went back to basics" to strengthen my craft. 

What I can tell you about 2021? I'M MOVING! (Something I'm so excited about!) My husband and I have our sights on the Denver, Co. area and are so stoked about all of the opportunities a new city will provide us! 

Stay tuned to this page for what I hope will be a plethora of new projects, shows, and experiences! In the meantime check out my Blog and theatre pages to see what's occupying my time until then.

Thanks for all of your love & support