a Director and Choreographer

Honestly, I never thought that my love for theatre would bring me to the production team side of the table. But I love, although it’s a different kind of love than performing, working as a director and choreographer in a youth setting. Bringing together a group of young actors to tell a story through works of art… yeah, it’s pretty amazing. 


I believe that every actor is unique, and has something unique to gain from this show experience. This is why I believe a show’s rehearsal process is the foundation in creating an opportunity that is not based on production value, but in the very valuable teaching moments that are along the way to that end product. I wholeheartedly believe in the beauty of telling the story and the story itself. 


And through each of these wonderful chances I have had to serve as a productions director, choreographer, or both, I learn. I learn and grow in these positions and as an actress myself. One of my favorite things about working with these young actors is getting to connect with them as a working actor. This allows me to share all my training, knowledge, and experiences with students who might aspire to pursue theatre beyond the current production we’re working on. Because that is the end goal, isn’t it? To inspire the next generation of artists. 


I’m honored for the opportunities I’ve had and full of hope for the opportunities yet to come! If you want to talk more click the “Contact Me” button below! I can’t wait to chat with you.



Directing and Choreography Credits Include

Puffs, Mamma Mia, Seussical Jr., Noises Off, The Addams Family, Shrek, Shrek Jr., Footloose, Guys & Dolls, Willy Wonka, Beauty & The Beast Jr, Show Choirs, and Color Guards.