Current Track Obsession 🎧 Vol. I (jan. 24-30)

Updated: Mar 4

Hey, y'all, and Happy Thursday! You made it through hump day and the weekend is on the horizon. I don't know about you, but I've got some pretty great plans to celebrate my 27th birthday (which was Tuesday) by binge-watching "The Magicians" and eating all the snacks.


But, today I wanted to introduce a new series I'm bringing to my blog/Instagram, so introducing "Current Track Obsession."


Something many people don't know about me is I absolutely LOVE listening to music (and not just musical theatre.) Honestly, you can really never find me listening to a musical soundtrack unless I'm studying a show/role or looking for new repertoire. Instead, I'm getting lost on Spotify looking for life-changing songs and artists.


To give you a little insight into my music habits & tastes...

* I listened to over 250 genres in 2020.

* Most of my favorite songs are in the style of pop, alternative, indie with a hint of electronic. My husband Steven explains it as "hipster music." 🙄

*Not a huge fan of country, rap, or hard rock.

* On average I listen to about 50-75 new songs every two weeks or so.

* Every two months I cycle through music, making a new "on repeat" playlist.


If you're still reading you're probably wondering why am I telling you all of this? Because something I told myself I wanted to do more of on my social media platforms was sharing more about what makes me, me, and well... this is me, in and through music.


Over the years, the songs I find from digging around Spotify have created the soundtrack to my life. I can tell you the song was on repeat as I walked down the street on my way to class in New York City, the track that I cried to during a really difficult breakup, the melody that was stuck in my head when I met the man of my dreams, and the music that pumped me up the morning of my wedding. I can't wait to share the soundtrack of my life with you and hope it can help inspire your own.


But here comes the best part! Each Thursday, right here at 9pm CST (shortened Instagram blurb at 12pm CST) I'll be sharing the names of 5 songs that I'm currently obsessing over. Some of these songs are new releases, some of them are missed hits, but all of them are songs that I can't stop listening to. Seriously, I sincerely hope you enjoy listening as much as I'm going to enjoy bringing my music tastes to all of you!


So, let's get started! My first week is all about the songs that gave me all the feels while driving through the Colorado mountains and got me through the 17-hour car rides. (So feel free to look up some beautiful mountainscapes while you take a listen.)


1. Falling Asleep At The Wheel - Holly Humberstone

* I am infatuated with the lyrics and mood of this song, every 30 seconds of it a new element is introduced and instantly adds to its brilliance.

2. Don't Say You Love Me - Transviolet

* This song's melody hasn't left my head in days. It's by far the coolest song on the list this week, winning its title for its sick beat.

*Lyrics contain somewhat mature content*

3. Lost & In Love (with The Griswolds) - Vincent

* Now this is a mash-up of pure perfection! It's catchy and continuously surprises you, making it a song you'll want to listen to over and over.

4. Heal- Jax Anderson

* The powerhouse song of the week and the one you'll be belting this weekend in your car and shower. Like can you say feelings?

5. Moon Rider (feat. Wrabel) - Jai Wolf

* Now this track might not be for everyone, but I am in love. It's got a laid back tempo with a hint of hard beats and the mixture with Wrabel's high notes makes for an unforgettable song.


I seriously hope you enjoy these song suggestions and come back next week to check out #5 more songs that are getting me through the week.


If you'd like to follow the Current Track Obsession playlist in real-time OR take a look at the songs that made this months playlist (and are REALLY DANG good) but just didn't make the list this week, follow me Rachel Brooks Peterson on Spotify!


Happy listening! 💋




P.S. Some of my music may contain a more mature context of lyrics (most relatable to what you may hear on the radio) I will always let you know if a song is Explicit or contains extreme language or lyrics. But that won't happen often.

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