• Rachel Brooks

Current Track Obsession 🎧 Vol. II (jan. 31 - feb. 6)

Welcome to Thursday! We've made it!


Here we are, week T W O of Current Track Obsession. ✌ I'm really excited about these next 5 tracks! We've got a little bit of everything for genre and mood, but all of these are stellar in my book.


I'm looking forward to jamming out to the newest additions to my "Current Track Obsession 🎧" playlist this weekend. Especially while Steven and I do lots of packing, apartment searching, and general "getting our crap together" so we can really move across the country out west. (P.S. Looking for lots of tips & tricks on moving if you got any, so drop them in the comments below if you would!) ⏬



1. One More Weekend - Maude Latour

* This would definitely be on my workout playlist with its fun, upbeat lyrics and beat...if I had a workout playlist.

2. Powerless - Mat Kearney

* I'm so happy to introduce y'all to one of my favorite artists, Mat Kearney. Like this song is good, but check out some of his other stuff for some more beautiful sounds.

3. Sunday Sunshine - Young Rising Sons

* The winner of the "cool song" weekly award. I feel like Young Rising Sons understands my weekly struggle in this song.

4. 4runner - prettyboyshav

* I love this song because I feel like each layer is an unexpected addition. And it's constantly stuck in my head with its catchy chorus. But that bridge... I'm obsessed.

5. Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz

* Short. Cute. Catchy And very unique. I am digging the sound Claire is giving on this track, gives me Corrine Bailey Ray meets street vibes.


Hope these songs bring some laidback fun to your weekend. It's going to be a cold 🥶 and snowy ❄️ one if you're in the Green Bay area... I'll be seizing the opportunity to cozy up inside and crank up the stereo 📻 as I research songs for February's playlist titled, "Going, Gone."


My next playlist will be a collaboration between some newest releases and the soundtrack 💿 of Steven and my last full month living in our hometown. I can't wait to share some of my amazing finds with you all! 🥰⁠


Remember, each Thursday, right here at 9pm CST (shortened Instagram blurb at 12pm CST) I'll be sharing the names of 5 songs that I'm currently obsessing over. If you'd like to follow the Current Track Obsession playlist in real-time follow me Rachel Brooks Peterson on Spotify! 💖