Current Track Obsession 🎧 Vol. V (feb. 21-27)

Updated: Mar 4

It's the end of February and this month has flown by crazy fast! And with the number of things going on in my life (packing, auditioning, blogging, prepping my work position for a transition, etc.) I can understand why time is going by quickly. 🤯 But putting out Current Track Obsession weekly has been a constant reason to give me a little R&R time and listen to music. 😍🎧


I know I say this every week, but the amount of NEW amazing music being made right now is insane so picking 5 songs is extremely difficult. That's why I strongly encourage you to check out my February playlist, "Going, Gone." via my Spotify profile, listed under Rachel Brooks Peterson. 🎶


So, let's jump into this week's 5 hottest tracks, 🔥 in my opinion...


1. Days Like This - The Natural Synthetic (infusion of Ariza and Miette Hope)

* Steven and I took a road trip up to Upper Michigan this past weekend and this was the perfect road trip song. It's catchy and laid back. The combination between Miette Hope's smooth vocals and Ariza's sick beats and backup vocals makes for a track that makes you relax, stare out the window, and fall totally into the moment. I'm really excited to see what comes next from the recently formed "The Natural Synthetic."

2. Lonely Hearts - Ivory Layne

* Okay, first of all, I need to learn this song on the piano. Ivory Layne has a beautiful song here and one that will touch many hearts. This is for sure the anthem song of the week. I love the soulful beginning that picks up in the chorus. It has a real build that matches the overall theme.

3. things i never said - JORDY

* Steven's pick of the week! But I also love this track. It's definitely one I get caught blasting in the car. Because the beat and melody are both so fun from the start! JORDY's high range is insane too.

4. New Day- Benji Lewis

* This track is the oldest on the list, but I'm just sad I didn't discover it sooner. I love the range Benji's voice is sitting and the great rhythms, especially in the chorus. Honestly, it's a swoon track for me, I gloss over and just melt.

5. Muse - MisterWives

* I cannot rave enough about MisterWives. I've been an avid listener and fan for years now, and I'm always impressed by the unique sounds and enlightening tracks they continuously produce. Muse is no exception. The sound on this song is funky, fresh, and fierce!

Other MisterWives tracks to check out: Superbloom, Our Own House, WhyWhyWhy, Coloring Outside the Lines... (I could go on and on...)


Stay tuned next week for a very special edition of Current Track Obsession (and the very first of its kind) Top 5 of the Month! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 The list will contain the 5 best finds of that month whether that be a new artist, an amazing hit song, or a whole album that I am jamming to lately. This CTO edition is a blog-only post and will go live on the last day of the month (February 28th) at 7pm CST! ♥


Also, starting Monday, March 1st, I'll be starting to curate my new monthly playlist! My March playlist is always one of my favorites because it's the tunes that play while watching the seasons change and welcoming the beginning of sunshine. 🌞 Music just sounds better driving down the road on a sunny day, sunroof open, birds chirping, and crisp spring air about. Help me pick a name in my Instagram Feed! Choose 1, 2, or 3...

  1. Sunshine on the Mind

  2. Searching for Spring

  3. Spring Beginnings


As always, a reminder, each Thursday, right here at 9pm CST (shortened Instagram blurb at 12pm CST) I'll be sharing the names of 5 songs that are currently taking over my car stereo. If you'd like to follow the Current Track Obsession playlist in real-time follow me Rachel Brooks Peterson on Spotify! 💖

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