Current Track Obsession 🎧 February 2021

Updated: Mar 4

Welcome to the first Top 5 Monthly Edition of Current Track Obsession! 🌟 An exclusive blog post that will feature the top artists, songs, albums, etc. that I found in that month while creating my Current Track Obsession (CTO) playlist.


This post will launch on the last day of the month at 9:00 pm, and again, will only be available via my blog. ❤ So keep an eye on your calendar to make sure you don't miss this exciting version of Current Track Obsession. You don't want to let these fabulous musical highlights pass you by! 🎶


I'm really, really stoked to be sharing these 5 music spotlights with you all! Be sure to check them out while you're waiting for my first March CTO! 🎧



After obsessing over "Don't Say You Love Me" from my very first Current Track Obsession Volume, I left Transviolet and headed on my merry way to discover more amazing tracks. Well, just a few weeks later the song "Drugs in California" popped up on my Spotify Release Radar playlist and I was thrilled when I found out this was also by Transviolet. I quickly headed over to their artist page to realize that I am no stranger to Transviolet, in fact, I have been listening to this band for well over 6 years. Hits like "Girls Your Age," "Long Shot," and "Kaleidoscopes." What this tells me is I need to be paying way more attention to this group, because I love their style and have for quite some time.

Transviolet YouTube Channel


2. Plastic Ferrari - Gregory Dillon (song)

Guys, I'm OBSESSED obsessed with this song. I don't usually select a song out of a playlist to listen to and just hit that shuffle button, but I crave to cruise to this song. And I've come to love it even more after watching it's iconic, 80's inspired music video, which is so ridiculous in such a fabulous way. Steven and I will literally reenact moments from the video when this song comes on in the car, during photoshoots, anywhere. If you haven't brought this song into your life, you need to now!


3. Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz (song)

If you're not listening to this song already, then you're already behind because it is showing up everywhere. Honestly, I've got to tell you I get little hearts that show up figuratively around my head every time I hear a song from my Current Track Obsession playlist playing somewhere else. 🥰 Since Vol 2 of CTO, I have heard Backyard Boy in other people's reels, on an Instagram ad, AND, most notably, a commercial for an upcoming Amazon Prime Original Show! I would definitely make it part of your Spring Playlist!


4. Gracie Abrams - Minor (album)

Another song that never left my brain after I originally listened to it is "21" by Gracie Abrams. The upbeat, catchy track had me hitting repeat over and over. I also had fun creating harmonies to layer, and that's when I know I REALLY like a song. But after about the 20th time of jumping in the car and immediately gravitating for "21", I decided to check out the rest of Gracie Abrams's music. And it is all on point! Gracie's sound is genuine, pure, and soft and the songs she is singing match that exact tone. I highly suggest jumping in the car on a sunny afternoon this spring and just listening to her Minor album from start to finish. You will be living for the place it puts your soul.

Gracie Abrams - Minor YouTube Playlist


5. The Natural Synthetic (artist)

The Natural Synthetic's "Days Like This" is on my most recent Vol. of Current Track Obsession, but I'm already aware that this band is one to watch. A mash-up of artists Ariza and Miette Hope is what forms The Natural Synthetic, two great musicians on their own- but together are magic. The group is pretty new having officially launched their first single "Nervous," which is FABULOUS and actually the first song I heard from The Natural Synthetic, around seven months ago! But dang, the few songs they have out are really unique and achieve an edgy flare and singer/songwriter feel at the same time. Check. Them. Out!

The Natural Synthetic Youtube Channel


My biggest hope is that you're leaving this blog post inspired by the new music you're being introduced to through Current Track Obsession! There is SO MUCH music out there that deserves to be heard. Go discover it. 🔥


If you know of a song, artist, band, etc. that is too amazing for words, shoot me a message or contact me via one of my social pages! The share is to care! 😉

And don't forget to come back on March 4th for my first Current Track Obsession of March, Vol. VI.

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