Current Track Obsession 🎧 Vol. VII (march 7-13)

Time to put your sunnies on, 😎 roll down your windows, 💨 and cruise to some sick beats. 🎶 Spring weather has started to hit Wisconsin (although I hear a snowstorm is on the way) and these next additions to my Current Track Obsession playlist have got me smiling, jamming, and dancing right into the warmer weather.


I don't know about you, but Spring just puts a smile on my face and instantly gives me a mood boost. 💞 The day you walk outside, the sun is shining, birds are singing, and you like DON'T need that jacket you've been grabbing each day this long winter (honestly, any winter is too long for me...) is like an automatically awesome day. And with my Vizliter headphones and my Current Track Obsession playlist, I'm welcoming all of these days with open arms. 😍


So, let's get to 6, yes BONUS track week, 😘 songs that I'm crushing on...


1. Heartbroke- Clubhouse

* Ugh. I just can't even with how good this track from Clubhouse is. Besides a super trendy name, this group is tapping into a cool sound perfect for a wide variety of listeners. "Heartbroken" was released JUST earlier this month, and I'm digging the electronic mixes, boy band vibes layered with cute, catchy lyrics. I can't wait to see what is to come from these five.


2. Can't Sleep- Kathleen

* "Can't Sleep" is the song I can't stop listening to. When I first heard it, it instantly went right to my Current Track Obsession Top #5 because it's that good. It's so good in fact that it makes me a little upset I didn't discover it and Kathleen earlier. The beat, the VOCALS, and everything in between make for a beautiful beginning for this musician's career.

3. Crying in Miami - Starletta

* First, one of my many favorite things about this track is the intro! Such a cool guitar part hit with a bit of an 80's vibe electronica edge. "Crying in Miami" is brand new, coming out as of February of this year, and it's my new go-to rock-out song on night drives. I can't wait to sing along with Billy of Starlette's voice, it's pretty fantastic! This is just the start for this emerging artist who is about to drop his first EP.

4. Sucker - Kaptan

* If you aren't listening to Kaptan, you need to be. This is an artist that constantly releases track after track that makes it onto one of my playlists, and this has been true over the past 6 years! Since I discovered "Everything" in 2015, I was hooked. And watching Kaptan evolve into this newest release has been a real joy. "Sucker" is CATCHY, cool, and transformative. Remember that song that's making me want to dance? This. Is. It! I also recommend checking out "Everything," "Hardest Part," and "Whatever You Want!"


5. Dancing with the Sharks - Snap Border

* I'm not going to lie, dating and eventually marrying someone who leans more on the "Rock" side of music has influenced my music tastes a little. Although I do dominate the car stereo, I like to throw in a few songs that I know we will both enjoy. Behold Snap Border, a fairly new alternative-rock band. They are the perfect compromise of my alternative and Steven's rock tastes in music. Also, as a guitarist, I'm thrilled to jam to some hard-core playing, which isn't always prominent in the genres I listen to most. Also, their unique sound and vocals are in a captivating sweet spot.


I feel like there's a theme of new artists in this week's CTO, but these are the artists we're going to be hearing more from and you'll want more.


6. Haven't Had Enough (Of Being Young) - Mating Ritual

*A Tiny Explicit*

* Ever since their debut album came out in 2016, I have been a Mating Ritual fan! This group is the perfect combination of a unique sound, catchy tunes, and vocals to match their artistic groove. Because of my slight addiction, I am on alert every time something new drops from them and I couldn't wait to feature "Haven't Had Enough (Of Being Young)" which came out YESTERDAY! AH! So, stop what you're doing and check it out! And while you're giving Mating Ritual a listen, also check out "The Bungalow," "Light Myself on Fire," and "I Wear Glasses."


Do yourself a favor and check out these killer tunes. You won't regret it! Also, break out those dance moves 🕺💃👯‍♂️ (you're going to want to) and fabulous karaoke vocals because IT'S ALMOST SPRING! 🌺🤩


As always, a reminder, each Thursday, right here at 12pm CST *time change!* (shortened Instagram blurb at 12pm CST also) I'll be sharing the names of 5 songs that are currently taking over my car stereo. If you'd like to follow the Current Track Obsession playlist in real-time follow me Rachel Brooks Peterson on Spotify! 💖

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