• Rachel Brooks

Current Track Obsession 🎧 Vol. XV

Here we are, MAY! And May it go a little smoother than it started. 🤣😅


As some of you have read or heard, Steven and I have experienced our fair share of car troubles over the past week. Last Current Track Obsession I was telling you about the two flat tires we got from a pothole, and then Saturday Steven had another stroke of bad luck.


On his way home from taking care of his car with the dealership, the right wheel of my car flew off. Luckily, he was okay! My car did not fare as well. It currently sits at the same car dealership that Steven's car was at, waiting for an insurance agent to give it a damage assessment. 🎉 We at least finally have Steven's car back as of Tuesday. So life is a little easier than it was for the three days we went without a vehicle.


But, yesterday was the start of something new... and it felt sincerely amazing. You know those really good days, you wish that every day could be like? It was the perfect balance of work, fun, love, relaxation, and creativity. Yesterday made me optimistic in May. 🥰 And to top off its beautifulness- it was encompassed with music from my NEW May playlist Bloomin' Beats.🌺


Here are the 5 tracks that really stuck out (and the ones that will probably forever remind me of May 5th, 2021.)


I also thought this week it'd be fun for me to give you each artist's Insta bios because I sincerely have so much fun reading them while putting my Current Track Obsession blog posts together! I feel they can be a sincere representation of how the singer or band views themself and gives you a peek inside their personal brand! (Can you tell I've been doing a lot of brand work? 🤣😅)


1️⃣ Dirty Dancing - Fionn



👯‍♀️ @alannafinnmorris@briannefinnmorris

She/Her x2 |Harmony Hounds| Word enthusiasts | 604 Records | Presave our EP ‘Candid Constellations’✨⬇️

* It's been a while since I've heard a group I've been THIS excited about. Like I'm overjoyed every week, but Fionn's got me on another level. Why? The stunning vocals, the unique use of electronic styles and fun dance beats, with mastery for simple, genuine but not lame lyrics. "Dirty Dancing" is only the beginning of these twin's list of hits. Both "Taste For It" and "Let Me Go" have only solidified my addiction for the sounds these two are giving off. They are a MUST listen! Like Now.


2️⃣ Love Is Complicated - Drive!Drive!




not another internet pop band.

Stream our latest single ⬇️⬇️⬇️

* Okay, I think having the "not another internet pop band" line in their bio makes me like them more, even though I think that's kind of hard. You see as soon as I heard "Love Is Complicated" take over the stereo yesterday driving in the mountains, I was instantly hooked. This song does such a great job of being an interesting slow, ballad type song. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of something that doesn't scream uptempo beat to me- but this one does something to me. And don't even get me started on their new track "You're So Cool." I can't get enough of these guys!


3️⃣ Kubrick - 1990nowhere (Olivver the Kid, Lostboycrow, Armors)




* Okay, you're probably thinking to yourself- well that's not much of a bio. BUT, this is a recently formed group of three very talented artists (Olivver the Kid, Lostboycrow, Armors) who all have very real accounts, with much more to say in their bio. 🤣 I'm not going to paste all of them here. What I am going to tell you here is YES to this combination. Like, whoever had this amazing idea to bring these individuals together to create magic- they need to be paid more. It's the perfect sweet spot of unique, funk, rock, boy band, and everything in-between. It's hard to describe it's awesomeness. But once you listen, check out this whole album "Picasso" because there are some really special tunes here.


4️⃣ Hot Blooded - New Constellations


New Constellations


Two friends following their dreams. @harleecase and @joshdotorg “Hot Blooded” out now on all platforms 👇👇

* The coolest melody this week goes to "Hot Blooded" by New Constellations. This group formed of two friends (see how much you can learn from a bio?!) is just downright chill, seductive, and HOT. And this song of theirs is moody in all the right ways with a fun little surprise at the end. I'm in love with Harlee's smooth and yet raw vocals mixed with the incredible instrumental track New Constellations has created. Oh, and did I mention this is their DEBUT?!?!?! Like- hop on this fan train now it's only going to start speeding up from here.


5️⃣ Alone Is Better - Jack Fruit

*A Tiny Explicit*




he/him • let’s be friendss 🖤 • tiktok: @iamjackfruit • i write songs about my ex • listen to “wrong but worth it” ⤵️

* Honestly, having "i write songs about my ex" in his bio makes all of Jack Fruit's music that much more personal. It's like I am peering into a love story or an ex-love story, and that makes each melody a special story for me. I am infatuated with the realness of "Alone Is Better" in the lyrics and vocals, keeping the backtrack very simplistic to really let the message ring out. It's one of the things I love most about this song, and why it's on this week's Current Track Obsession. If you become addicted to Jack Fruit's sound, then I HIGHLY recommend checking out his latest release "wrong but worth it."


I hope these newest additions to the Current Track Obsession 🎧 playlist put an extra spark into the start of your month of May. And if you like what you hear make sure to check out the latest monthly playlist filled with songs from new artists and a few Current Track Obsession features including The Aces, Gregory Dillon, Mat Kearney, and Jax Andersen just to name a few! 💗


✨ And that's week 15!! Remember a new 5 tracks hit Current Track Obsession each and every Thursday *usually* at 12 pm CST (11 am MST.) AND since April wrapped up at the very end of last week this Sunday at 9 pm CST the latest monthly of CTO will hit the blog where you can find out the top 5 music 🎶 discoveries of my month. ✨


Sending you lots of positive vibes and love as always!

- Rachel