Current Track Obsession 🎧 Vol. XVI

Who can believe we're already almost halfway through the month of May?! I'm shocked! 😮Time usually has a way of flying by, but since we move to Colorado things have been on fast-forward!


But, alas, another Thursday and another list of 5 of the tracks that I can't get enough of this week! 🎶 All of the artists this week are new to me, so we are getting introduced to them together.


1️⃣ Fake Friends - Chiara Young

* Tell it like it is, that's exactly the realness that "Fake Friends" by Chiara Young gives you. I'm really in love with her bluntness not only in lyrics but in vocal style. It's a little speak-sing which is perfect for the tone Chiara is trying to portray through this song. The laid-back melodies and instrumental track make for a track your instantly bopping your heading, nodding in agreement, while smiling, laughing, and (some of us relating) at the same time.


2️⃣ Tantalus - Mantaraybryn

* I instantly connected to "Tantalus" and within the first minute was using my pencil as a drum stick. It's beat is only one of the things that makes this track a truly must listen, on top of that it's deep message lyrics, unique use of tempo changes, and stylistic differences thrown at you along the way. And I'm not complaining about Mantaraybryn's smooth vocals. Check it out!


3️⃣ If It Hurts, Then Let It Go - jame

* The "Cool Kid" award is given to this song right here this week. "If It Hurts, Then Let It Go" is literally addicting to listen to. While making my decisions on which tracks to include this week I kept coming back to this melody over and over. Hypnotic is a good word for it. It's a sound that brings a mellow haze over you, makes you ponder and think, breath, and listen. It just makes the world stop. I can't quite tell you what about this simple melody that makes me obsessed, but I think you should definitely take a listen for yourself.


4️⃣ Prom - courtship.

* Y'all, this song just puts a smile on my face the second it starts to play. "Prom" by courtship. makes me think of my dream prom (not so much my ACTUAL prom) but it makes me all giddy and sparkly. Those adjectives are also perfect ways to describe this melody. It's sweet, cute, poppy, and a great song to blast and dance like no one's watching. I hope this song hits you the way it hits me because I have the biggest smile on my face right now.


5️⃣ Robot - corgi

* This track is by far the most electronic pop to hit CTO this week, but if you have any interest in a really well-crafted piece of music, I suggest checking it out. "Robot" has the perfect balance between keeping a melody that is recognizable with clear, genuine lyrics and keeping it's heart of techy beats at the center. I find this song interesting, unique, and connectable. Give it a try!


Remember, each Thursday, right here at 12pm CST (shortened Instagram blurb at 12pm CST) I'll be sharing the names of 5 songs that I'm currently obsessing over. If you'd like to follow the Current Track Obsession playlist in real-time follow me Rachel Brooks Peterson on Spotify! 💖 While you're there you can check out May's entire playlist which these songs come from called Bloomin' Beats and follow me to stay up to date on all things CTO!


Hope you have a splendid weekend!

P.S. Sunday is National Mimosa Day so I hope you get a chance to celebrate with brunch!

- Rachel

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