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The R. Brooks Blog- "Writing to Write, Not to Perfect."

I guess it's probably about time that I start taking my thoughts to the web and put something down in writing instead of filling my Instagram captions to the maximum characters allowed...


To be completely honest, I feel like since turning 26 my life has made a major shift. A shift that I didn't plan or expect. Not one that was premeditated or thought out. I feel like I am just simply getting older and my experiences are starting to have an effect on me. And with that effect, it's been a time of reflection.


I've started to realize that there are parts of my past that I've lost along the way, parts that I want to grasp onto and bring back into focus before they fall to the wayside forever. Parts that I have just been "too busy" to make time for. But now, I've got loads of time on my hands because...well... #thankspandemic.


But anyways, something that I used to do so much more than I do now is writing. I used to keep a daily journal. I used to write a blog. I used to keep track of my thoughts on a consistent basis. But this was something I could easily put aside when my life ramped up and more important responsibilities came first. And now after taking time to actually write through some major events that I've gone through lately, I cannot tell you the good it has done for my soul.


See I think it's because it is an artistic outlet that I don't have to strive for perfection in. I can still be creative in an art form but I'm not stressed about booking the job, nailing the triple pirouette, or belting the high note in my audition piece. I can just... be me, for me.

And if others can benefit from the thoughts of a 26 year old, enneagram 3w2, theatre supporter, constant goal setter, and world peace enthusiast who is working towards becoming a person who accepts herself for who she is NOW, then that's amazing!


On my blog you can expect to see my thoughts and what I'm up to with...

-Theatre/Shows/Music (of course!)


-Wedding Planning


-Self Care, Growth, & Love

-And I'll probably talk about Steven (my fiance) a lot...

-Plus, I'm sure a whole lot more!

I sincerely hope you enjoy!

-Rachel Brooks

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