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No Backdrop, No Problem

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Heading into the New Year, I want to bring you more blog posts, obviously, but more blog posts about things I'm passionate about. Especially creating!


You'll also see more posts about my musical theatre life, entertainment, and mental health. I'm excited to be writing more again, as it is something I truly love to do!


Today I want to chat about creating kick-butt content in your own home. Honestly, In-Home photoshoots are my jam. I love that I can have my Starbucks, eat snacks, put on my favorite show or music, and just take my time. But when you live in a tiny apartment like I do, creating a good-looking space can serve as a challenge sometimes.


SO here are a few tips and tricks for utilizing everyday things to help create the perfect "studio" space. Starting with your backdrop!


For me personally, I have a backdrop but no place to set up or store a backdrop holder. So instead of trying to hang my huge backdrop with clamps and fishing line, I usually opt for some easier ways to create that "backdrop" look!


1. Bedsheet

Not only one of my favorite things to use as a backdrop but also one of my favorite props! I suggest buying a cheap twin or queen, white sheet from any department store and using whatever you can find to hang it from behind. To be honest, I don't usually steam or try to make it look super flat because I like the way it looks when it creases.


2. Tablecloths

An even cheaper option for a backdrop substitution is buying a table cloth! I actually love how sturdy these usually are (my favorites are from Target!) Sometime's I'll buy two, hang one from the top to hit the bottom of the wall, and then add the second pushed right against the wall to create a long flowing backdrop illusion!


3. Curtains

Okay, actually haven’t used these a ton, but I always love the opaque feeling it gives the background of my photos. I’ve also laid them on the floor and had Steven shoot above me to give that ethereal feeling.

⬅Check out my blog post about how I created this photo



My most used option though? An area of our wall that has nothing on it. Then use apps like PicsArt, Canva, and Lightroom to change your plain wall color, add texture, or add a new backdrop altogether!


As we head into the chilly season, I hope these tips serve you well! I feel like creating content is so much easier, and cozier indoors in the Winter!



Sending you so many holiday wishes as we enter the Christmas weekend! Much love to you and yours! 💗

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