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Let's Be Besties

on + offline!

"The Curate + Create Blog"

Here's to a new chapter and an exciting new venture - introducing the Curate + Create Blog, and!

A girl with a wide smile stands in front of a blank wall. She wears a pink fedora hat and holds a camera, with real flowers arranged in the top of her jeans.

It's time to stop playing it safe because I've got big dreams to inspire creative souls worldwide to embrace their uniqueness, their quirks, and everything that makes them, well, them. I want to help you channel that personality through your content because, at the end of the day, it's about being your authentic and genuine self to build and foster a strong community.

So, we're no longer just about taking pretty, creative photos for me. I'm pushing myself to help other creators find their online (and offline) voices. And I'm freaking stoked about it.

On the Curate + Create Blog, you'll find more in-depth, how-to, behind-the-scenes content that will help you become a more well-rounded creator. You'll find posts related to mental health and wellness, creator career tips, travel guides, and more about my artistic lifestyle.

But that's not all - I'm also sharing a load of creative resources designed to continuously inspire you to set new heights and create content you're proud of (and that catches attention!)

These creative resources include my first two e-books: Plan Your Content Trip and How to Create a Mood Board. You'll also find Notion templates that I couldn't live my creator life without, Pinterest boards blooming with seasonal creative concepts, and links to my podcast The Creator's Chaos, which I co-host with my best friend and fellow creator Anna (@annapaigemorgan).

Joining that set of incredible tools is the launch of the much-anticipated (and delayed on my part 😅) Curate + Create newsletter! A bi-monthly spark of creative inspiration straight to your inbox, packed with content ideas and sprinkles of motivational words to keep you feeling strong on your creator journey. (P.S. Signing up for the newsletter scores you a free download of my How to Create a Mood Board e-book!)

But wait, there's more! This is just the beginning of what I have in store. I've got big dreams, and this is just the start. Stay tuned for even more vibrant content, resources, and opportunities to help you thrive as a creator. Together, let's embrace our attributes, push boundaries, and create something uniquely us.

Welcome to the Curate + Create journey! Can't wait to make some magic happen with you!

All my Love,

-Rachel Brooks


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