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A Christmas Bucket List (Couples Edition)

I'm not sure about you, but I am so pumped for Christmas this year! Not only is it a "little" more normal than last year's, but it's also Steven and my first holiday season living in Colorado (which has A LOT of Christmas-themed events!) .

With so much magic this time of year, I always put together a Christmas Bucket List! Do I accomplish it each year? Rarely! But it's "the thought that counts!"And this year I'm making mine couples-focused (things you can do with your Significant Other, Bestie, FurBaby, etc.) to truly make the most out of the holidays, together.



1. Build A Gingerbread House

Steven and I build a gingerbread house each and every year, we have been doing it since we first moved in together. That means this year will be house number 5! I highly recommend checking out Target's selection on Gingerbread Houses. There are so many cute and unique designs this year. We got the Row House and we will see how that goes. 😂


2. Drink Hot Chocolate

I'm not a fan of warm drinks except when Christmas comes around, then I am all about the hot chocolate. But it HAS to have marshmallows! We usually drink this during our...


3. Christmas Movie Marathon

Most likely the weekend before Christmas, Steven and I will plan a weekend Christmas Movie Marathon! Our must-watches are Home Alone, The Grinch, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Santa Clause, and Elf! We save our favorite Love Actually for Christmas Eve!


4. Matching Pajamas

The only way to watch Christmas Movies is in matching pajamas! Where's the best place to grab these? Let me know in the comments!


5. Play Board/Card Games

One of my favorite things to do with the family during Christmas is play games. In my family cards are a huge thing, especially cribbage. Other card/board games we love to play are Apples to Apples/Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, Clue, and Yahtzee.


6. Craft It Up

Although I'm not a very crafty person, I'm gonna try to make this happen this year! I used to love making ornaments when I was younger and would even host a Christmas Craft party (ya know, when I was cool in Elementary School.) So even if it's just paper snowflakes, I'm determined to create something DIY this season!


7. Go To A Christmas Event/Market

There are SOOO many new events that Steven and I want to visit this year in Denver. Unfortunately, with my Musical Theatre student recitals and performances, we only have one free weekend before we leave to head home for Christmas. So I'm hoping we can make the most out of this day by visiting Christkindlmarket and Downtown!


8. Sing Christmas Carols

This is my WANTED AD for someone to sing Christmas Carols with me since this is NOT a Steven Christmas activity! (Also, a plug for my 12 Days of Jingles which starts 12/13!)


9. Bake Christmas Cookies

This is a new tradition for Steven and I, as we made cookies for Christmas for the first time last year. I'm going to preference that I am not a cook or a baker, so the first batch or two were... 🙈 Hoping this year we can get a little more creative, but frosted sugar cookies are my weakness in life so there will be lots of those!


10. See Christmas Lights

If you're in the Denver/Colorado area, drop the best place to see Christmas lights! We had our usual visits back in Wisconsin, but we are so looking forward to seeing the displays here in our new home city!


11. Festive Photoshoot

This one is a no-brainer 😂 We have already done 7 Christmas-themed shoots and there are so many more on the way! But we make it a point every year to take some photos together to document another fantastic Holiday Season!


12. Make A Best of 2021 List & Write Out 2022 Goals

This is probably my favorite thing to do with Steven. We chat about what moments we really loved in 2021 and about all that we've accomplished and are grateful for! Then we brainstorm goals for both of us heading into the New Year! Doing it together allows us to bounce ideas back and forth, while also becoming really aware of what the other wants to achieve and how we can help each other make our dreams a reality!


And there you have it, my 12 Christmas Bucket List Musts to do with a friend, someone special, or your cats (like Steven & I!)


I hope you have such a special, magical, and heartwarming Holiday Season!


Stay tuned for lots more Holiday Content, Blog Posts, Photos, and More!


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